3 Most Anticipated Netflix Original Series Coming in 2016


Netflix is already well known for its own productions, no matter if we’re talking about dramas, comedies, action movies or mini series. If you’ve fancied titles like Daredevil, Narcos, Orange Is The New Black or the excellent House of Cards, we have some great news for you: new series are expected to hit the screens in 2016!

Here you can find a list with some of the hottest Netflix original series that will have their premiere this year:

Marvel’s Luke Cage

If Daredevil was one of your favorite series from last year, get ready for some new Marvel-themed action, as another superhero is about to join the Netflix club. Luke Cage is an ex-convict whose main superpowers are his unbreakable skin and superhuman strength.

terry crews as luke cage

The main character will be portrayed by Mike Colter, known from last year’s Jessica Jones and expected to make an appearance in the upcoming Defenders.

Full House

Some of you might notice something familiar about this title. If so, allow us to say that you have all the reasons to do it, since this is the return of the show that used to run for 8 full seasons on TV and ended up 20 years ago. Netflix will continue its legacy!

full house 2016

And yes, a big part of the original cast will be back, so if you’re looking forward to remembering the good ol’ times, Full House might be one of the shows you should definitely check out.

Narcos, season 2

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar will return in August 2016, continuing his story after a first season which presented 15 years of his life.

narcos season 2

There are rumors about this being the last season of the series, considering that after escaping from prison – the point where season 1 ended – Pablo Escobar lived for just 18 months. And let’s be hones, Narcos without its main character would be pointless, right?

These are three of the most anticipated Netflix original series of the years, from relatively big list of titles. What other series are you looking forward to? Let us know, using the comments section below!