BBC to release a Netflix competitor


netflix competitor

Currently, Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms, with subscribers in almost every country around the world, but considering that more and more people are ditching their TV cable plans and rely solely on online, they must be aware that new competitors might hit the market in the upcoming future.

According to the latest rumors, BBC is planning to launch a British Netflix competitor, as soon as the the government approves their request to create a new subscription streaming service, says The Telegraph.

BBC will team up with one of their biggest rivals

The platform will go by the name of Britflix and it will be the result of a collaboration between BBC and ITV. Apparently, it’s still under development and there aren’t any exact details about a potential launch date.

This Tuesday, BBC unveiled a White Paper on the future of the channel, including some details about the Netflix competitors, mentioning that they’re planning to develop “some form of additional subscription services” over the next years.

The service would be delivered over iPlayer, meaning that Britflix might compete not just with Netflix, but with Amazon as well. As for the content that the platform will offer, it will include British broadcasters’ archive content, alongside original productions, just like Netflix does.

The Government seems to be delighted by the idea

John Withingale, British culture secretary, seems to be very supportive of BBC’s plans of launching a Netflix competitor.

“We’re moving into a different world where more and more content is going to be made available on demand. Collaboration with other broadcasters and other production companies we think is important. If they want to explore that kind of thing, we’d encourage them”, he said.

We will be back with more information on this topic as soon as anything new will be revealed.