House of Cards Season 5 – News and Rumors


house of cards season 5 rumors

There’s no doubt that House of Cards is one of the best Netflix original productions ever made and, after a tense 4th season, every fan is looking forward to the next one, which was already confirmed by the streaming platform.

Even though there’s not an exact date about its release, the 5th House of Cards season should air around March or April 2017, considering the launch dates of previous seasons. Still, what should we expect from it?

Is President Underwood in danger?

According to GameNGuide, there are some rumors about Frank Underwood’s (portrayed by Kevin Spacey) death, fueled by Michael Kelly’s, who plays Doug Stamper, declarations.

“You lose characters that you love,” he said in an interview, also mentioning that the series almost lost Frank once. And speaking about losing characters, Doug has also been the subject of death rumors in previous House of Cards seasons, but he managed to stay alive.

Frank, on the other side, wasn’t that lucky, being the victim of an assassination attempt, which damaged his health. Therefore, the President’s current situation might be a serious threat!

Will Conway is expected to make a return!

New York Governor Will Conway, Franks’s Republican opponent in the race for the White House, will also be back in the 5th season. Joel Kinnaman, the 36-year old actor portraying him, recently sent a tweet hinting at the intensity of the next episodes. “S*** is about to go down,” he said.

For the moment, there’s nothing much about other characters, but we’ll get back with more updates, as soon as Netflix decides to release them. Until them, let us know, using the comments section below, what are your expectations from Season 5 of House of Cards!