How many people are actually watching Netflix?


netflix viewership

Netflix’s popularity has been skyrocketing lately, with more and more people ditching their cable subscription and relying only on the streaming platform for their movies and TV shows needs. However, we never actually knew how many people are watching it, as Netflix is well known for refusing to reveal any official numbers relating this. Until now!

OITNB joins the Hall of Fame

Audience measurement company Nielsen unveiled viewer data for a couple of popular streaming shows, including Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, during a conference held in Las Vegas, this Wednesday.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that more than 6.7 million people watch the fourth season premier of Orange is the New Black, between the first day the episode aired, June 17, and June 19. During the same period, 5.9 million people watched the second episode of the show.

These numbers are putting Netflix’s production in a select club, joining HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is currently the highest-rated cable program, with more than 10.3 million viewers watching the June 19 episode.

The study revealed that Netflix is preferred by a younger audience, when it comes to shows that are also available on TV. For example, 44% of Better Call Saul viewers, aged between 18 and 34, are watching the series on the streaming platform, while just 24% are doing it on traditional TV, on AMC.

More details about various platforms, available soon!

Netflix wasn’t the only platform analyzed by Nielsen, as their study also released numbers for Hulu, mentioning that withing the first five days of signing up for the service, more than 700,000 people watched classic episodes of Seinfeld.

In the near future, the measurement company will release similar details for other Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon original productions, as this was just a start. All these figures only represent domestic viewership, Netflix being available in over 190 countries.