Netflix Canada can’t be accessed through VPN anymore


Netflix Canada

April was far from being the best month for Netflix users, as the streaming platform made an announcement that might cost them a lot of subscribers who aren’t willing to pay an extra $2 per month for the service. And after a few of them were starting to forget about the price hike, Netflix Canada users are complaining that they can’t access content from the United States through VPN providers anymore.

But what about the better offer from the U.S.?

Canadian users often rely on VPN to watch new content, as the offer in their country includes just 3,008 titles, while the U.S. offer is way better, with 4,908 titles, not to mention the big difference in service and the shows, that are way more appealing, according to SlashGear.

Besides this, people using Netflix Canada aren’t happy with the price they should pay for the service either, so using a VPN seemed the best solution that is, offering them access to shows and movies that otherwise are unavailable on any Canadian streaming service.

It seems that VPN providers decided to stop working this weekend, when Netflix Canada users started complaining on Twitter about the issue. Not all them were cut off though, as there are a few which can be used, but the majority are down.

Netflix warned everybody about this

On the other side, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Netflix previously announced that they’re planning to shut down users that use VPNs in order to bypass geographic restrictions.

Finally, there are a few questions left: Will the Netflix Canada case be just the start? Is the streaming company planning to do the same thing in more countries or they’re finally going to improve the offers and increase the number of available titles, in order to avoid such situations in the future?