Netflix has more subscribers than expected!


netflix subscribers

It’s no secret that Netflix is the most popular streaming platform of the moment, but not even they were expecting to deal with such success!

According to a report from Reuters, Netflix Inc surpassed all Wall Street forecasts and managed to add 5.2 million new subscribers in the second quarter of the year. Also, foreign subscription topped those in the US, lifting the company’s stock by 10.4 percent, on Monday, says the same source.

The world is beginning to love Netflix!

Specifically, at the end of June, for the first time, the platform recorder more subscribers outside abroad, compared to the United States: 52.03 million vs. 51.92 million.

Netflix is looking forward to register an even better growth among foreign users, bringing its first full-year profit from overseas markets in 2017, according to a letter send to shareholders.

New shows like ’13 Reasons Why’, as well as the latest season of ‘House of Cards’ attracted a lot of new users to Netflix, surpassing the numbers they initially predicted for Q2 of 2017, which is usually the slowest period of the year.

More and more subscribers everywhere

Wall Street was looking forward to seeing around 3.2 million new customers worldwide, but these predictions were left behind, as 4.14 million monthly subscribers came from the non-US markets. As for the United States, 1.07 new subscribers joined Netflix, beating with much analysts’ average estimate, of 631,000.

Currently, the platform is spending over $6 billion per year on content, in order to attract new subscribers and become the world’s first choice for streaming content, despite the current slowdown in U.S. customer growth. Also, they’re offering customized content for each country the service is available in, in various languages.