Netflix reveals official poster for Marvel’s Luke Cage


Lately, Netflix has become the number one spot for Netflix spin-offs and the streaming platform has no intention to lose this status. As you probably know, one of the most expected original productions of this fall is Marvel’s Luke Cage, the third show in the Defenders series.

The poster is here!

However, Netflix likes to tease fans, just like they did today, when the official poster was released!

marvels luke cage

The main character, Luke Cage, is portrayed by Mike Colter, known from the previous production, Marvel’s Jessica Jones. The series follows him after relocating to Harlem, trying to live a normal life after the failed relationship with Jessica Jones, according to Deadline.

He will be joined in the series by Mahershala Ali (Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes), Alfre Woodard (Mariah Dillard), Simone Missick (Misty Knight), Theo Rossi (Shades), Frank Whaley (Rafael Scarfe) and Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple), says the same source.

A warm-up for The Defenders

Marvel’s Luke Cage will basically follow the launches of Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones. In the same time, it will prepare viewers for more Netflix original productions, Marvel’s Iron Fist, starring Finn Jones, and eventually, The Defenders.

The show will make its debut on September 30 at 12:01 AM PT, when all the episodes will become available on Netflix.

Who’s looking forward to catching a glimpse of Marvel’s Luke Cage? What other Marcel spin-offs would you like to see? Let us know, using the comments section below!