Netflix starts rolling out HDR videos


Streaming company Netflix is constantly trying to improve their services, in order to attract as much users as possible and, of course, keep the current ones. The last feature they have introduced is the ability to stream high dynamic range videos, or, simply put, HDR videos.

Keeping it short, this is the next step after high definition and, according to an official statement released by Netflix, it will offer “an even more visually stunning experience.”

It’s awesome, but…there are a few buts.

The idea behind HDR videos is that it creates more contrast between light and dark images, creating a more vibrant and realistic picture. “You get a little bit more dynamic cinematic-type colour,” says Adrian Bulzacki, CEO of enterprise software company ARB Labs, quoted by CBC.

Users will start noticing the difference in specific shows, like Daredevil, which is currently shot in the dark and has a lot of shadows. Still, until date, the only Netflix show streaming in HDR is Marco Polo, but the list will expand in the near future.

Everything sounds great, as you can see, but viewing HDR videos on Netflix requires a premium subscription. After the latest fee hike, it’s pretty hard to believe that users will be OK with paying even more for their subscription, just to enjoy this new type of videos.

You need to invest a bit in order to enjoy HDR videos

Moving on, a new subscription isn’t the only thing you need, as a fast Internet connection is also required, with a range from 18 to 25 Mbps. Finally, there’s another thing you need in order to stream HDR videos: an HDR-ready TV. This type of equipment is relatively new on the market, being regarded as the next step beyond 4K.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that Netflix’s idea of streaming HDR videos was inspired or it won’t be well received?