Netflix won’t block TV shows and movies anymore!


netflix in europe

One of Netflix’s biggest disadvantages – at least for users in the EU – was their inability to watch several shows and movies, as the streaming platform was blocking them, according to the geographical location. Still, this is about to change very soon, thanks to a new EU law!

According to Liverpool Echo, Netflix will have to open up its catalogue completely, across Europe, and stop ‘geo-fencing’, giving each country full access to its offer.

No more limits!

Currently, they’re using the geographical location of users and limit their access to specific shows and movies, which is definitely frustrating. However, after the change, users from France will be able to watch their favorite French shows, no matter if they’re staying in Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK and so on.

Netflix decided to implement this after just a few months since their crackdown on people relying on proxies in order to stream content from other regions.

Could this be just the beginning of a worldwide change?

Still, this new rule which forced the platform into adopting this move claims that Netflix won’t be allowed to use IP addresses as a mean of identification. Instead, users will be required to provide their address information, in order to receive their correct libraries and favorite shows.

It will be very curious to see if this new move will make Netflix ‘relax’ its borders in other regions, not just the EU!