Netflix’s Stranger Things is expected to have a second season


stranger things season 2 rumors

Netflix already used us with some spectacular productions, Stranger Things being one of the latest additions to this list. After the 80s supernatural thriller turned out to be this summer hit, fans of the series started wondering if the streaming platform will add a second season to their portfolio in the near future.

There are some plans regarding new episodes!

As for the show’s creators, they haven’t said anything about any eventual plans to start writing a second season, but did gave a few hints about some plans regarding a follow-up, which could take the characters to an even darker path.

“Because we don’t have advertising we are under a whole different model to not compare all the shows and rank other shows, because it kind of doesn’t matter what everybody loves the most it, matters what you or I love most,”said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, when asked about a second Stranger Things season, according to The Guardian.

“You can get approximations … if you look on IMDB the most popular TV show right now it’s Stranger Things, so that’s a reasonable proxy. It’s not that there’s no data, just that we don’t give out our data,” he added.

It’s all up to Netflix!

Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the series, said that if Netflix would give them green light, a second season would be just a matter of time. Stranger Things Season 2 could have the same number of episodes, eight, running for between 45 and 55 minutes. However, the events could go up more slowly.

“We want it to feel a little bit different, maybe a little bit darker, but still have the sense of fun,” the writers said.

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