Season 2 of ‘Narcos’ will be the last of the series


Narcos season 2

A surprisingly big fan base was created around the original Netflix production ‘Narcos‘, presenting the life of infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. After the first season of the series, presenting 10 years of Escobar’s life, everybody was looking forward to a new one, hoping that it will continue the story in the same rhythm. Unfortunately, Netflix has some bad news for the fans.

No more ‘Narcos’ in 2017?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the streaming platform revealed that the series will end soon, as season 2 of ‘Narcos‘ will also be the last one.

During an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, star Wagner Moura said that the story of Escobar will conclude in the upcoming season, which will apparently cover just the final month of his life.

“It’s all about Pablo on the run,” Moura said to Chelsea Handler this Tuesday. “It’s from the day Pablo escapes to his death.”

When asked about a third season of the show, Wagner Moura hasn’t said anything. However, we don’t exclude the scenario in which we will actually see new ‘Narcos‘ episodes in 2017, but following a new storyline, like American Horror Story does, about a different drug kingpin.

There’s still room for speculation!

Entertainment Weekly claims that it would be a shame for the show to stop here, since the first season received two Golden Globe nominations, for best drama series and best actor.

Season 2 of ‘Narcos‘ is expected to air on September 2, showcasing Pablo Escobar’s last days throughout 10 episodes.