Watching Netflix offline might be possible soon!


When it comes to watching movies, Netflix is the almost perfect option. Yes, almost, because the streaming platform has one major flaw, according to several users: you cannot watch anything without a decent Internet connection. However, this could change sooner than expected.

According to Gizmodo, Netflix is currently working on a “download-and-go” feature, similar to what Amazon and Comcast are offering, allowing users to enjoy content while offline.

The feature could be implemented by the end of 2016

This should be available by the end of the year, multiple sources in the tech industry claim. If it turns out to be true, it would represent a totally different attitude for Netflix, the streaming company being well known for being against this, right after Amazon Prime started offering offline video.

‘From industry sources, I know that Netflix is out in the market negotiating to get download rights in addition to streaming rights,’ Dan Taitz, chief operating officer at Penthera, a company selling software to streaming video providers.

According to the company’s COO Neil Hunt, Netflix wasn’t interested in this until know, as users “couldn’t handle the complexity of all the choices”. However, they are now willing to do it!

It sounds very good, but there’s a “but”

OK, so at first, this is an excellent idea, but if you’re planning to exploit this feature to the max as soon as it’s made available, don’t get to excited.

Netflix will limit offline availability to just a few shows at first, most likely Netflix Originals, while the rest of the movies and series they’re offering will need agreement from studios before being available for download.

Keep an eye on our blog, as we will be back with more details on this topic as soon as anything new comes up.